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NOW HIRING: Soil Health Specialist

Stevens SWCD is hiring a Soil Health Specialist. This full-time role encompasses diverse coordination and marketing responsibilities to support the objectives of the Stevens SWCD Soil Health Program. This individual will oversee the promotion of sustainable land management practices, focusing on enhancing soil health, preserving natural resources, and boosting agricultural productivity. Their responsibilities will include working closely with farmers, landowners, and community stakeholders to introduce conservation strategies and conduct educational activities centered around soil health principles. Within the Stevens SWCD, they will offer specialized knowledge and assistance in planning and executing conservation practices with a focus on soil health. A significant aspect of the role will involve engaging with landowners to understand their objectives regarding soil and water conservation, including conducting on-site visits to explore conservation possibilities for their properties.

Click here to view the full position announcement. Click here for an application.

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The mission of the Stevens Soil & Water Conservation District is to work with county landowners in putting conservation practices on the land and to help all citizens be good stewards of our natural resources.