Fiscal Information

Annual Planning & Fiscal Accountability

Click here to read our 2018 Annual Review, which is published annually as a special section of the Stevens County Times.

Click on the following to learn more about the Stevens SWCD’s annual planning and fiscal accountability.

The Stevens SWCD has adopted the County Local Water Management Plan as it’s comprehensive plan. The county recently extended the existing water plan (see below) indefinitely, because of the pending implementation of the One Watershed One Plan system, which will develop management plans based upon major watersheds instead of along county boundaries.


Stevens SWCD receives several grants from the state that help us deliver conservation programs and provide cost share for projects within the county. Here are the summaries of what activities were completed and what funds were spent from grants still active as of December 31, 2018.

Stevens SWCD also received funding from BWSR in calendar year 2018 that will not be spent until calendar year 2019 for the following grants: 2019 Conservation Delivery ($19184), 2019 Easement Delivery ($4200), 2018 Buffer Cost Share ($50,000) and 2019 State Cost Share ($15309).


Stevens SWCD receives state and federal grant funding for work done on behalf of the Pomme de Terre River Association, a joint powers board including SWCD and county representatives from the 6 counties in the watershed. Please visit for information about funding received through the Pomme de Terre River Association.


Some of that funding from the PDTRA is Clean Water Fund grant money. Click here to read about Minnesota’s Clean Water Stories, projects completed with grant money from the Clean Water Fund.

Stevens SWCD also receives fundingsc from Stevens County for the administration of the County Local Water Plan and Wetland Conservation Act programs, which are funded through the state’s Natural Resources Block Grant program. Please see the Stevens County’s Environmental Services page for information about these programs.

Our Mission

The mission of the Stevens Soil & Water Conservation District is to work with county landowners in putting conservation practices on the land and to help all citizens be good stewards of our natural resources.