Board of Supervisors

SWCD Board of Supervisors

The SWCD Board of Supervisors oversees the SWCD operations and helps set policy regarding state cost share and other conservation issues.

Our supervisors strive to protect the interests of our farmers and community members while protecting our natural resources, which will help enhance the quality of life for everyone in Stevens County.

2022 Board of Supervisors (l to r): back row Dave Lonergan, Troy Goodnough, Greg Fynboh; front row Dennis Feuchtenberger, Debbie Anderson

2022 board member positions (contact information listed below map)
Chair: Debbie Anderson
Vice Chair: Greg Fynboh
Treasurer: Troy Goodnough
Secretary: Dennis Feuchtenberger
Reporter: Dave Lonergan
Personnel Committee: Dennis Feuchtenberger, Debbie Anderson as board chair
Policy Committee: Greg Fynboh, Debbie Anderson as board chair
Budget Committee: Troy Goodnough as Treasurer, Debbie Anderson as chair

Other committees on which our SWCD board members serve:
Pomme de Terre River Association – Dave Lonergan, Matt Solemsaas (staff) Goodnough (alternate) Debbie Anderson (2nd alternate)
Bois de Sioux Watershed District – Greg Fynboh, Matt Solemsaas (staff), Anderson (alternate) 
Chippewa Watershed Project –Dennis Feuchtenberger, Matt Solemsaas (staff)  Anderson (alternate)
Comprehensive Local Water Plan – Troy Goodnough, Judy Johnston & Matt Solemsaas (staff)
Barnes-Aastad Association – Greg Fynboh, Dennis Feuchtenberger (alternate)
West Central TSA – Dave Lonergan, Greg Fynboh (alternate)

2022 is an election year!

For more information about the SWCD Board of Supervisors election process, click here for the 2022 election guide. 

Contact Information

Board members are available to meet with landowners in Stevens County and welcome your input on the various conservation issues that affect all of us. The supervisor in your district may be more knowledgeable about issues in your specific area, but feel free to contact any supervisor with your conservation issues or concerns.

Supervisor District Map

Supervisors are elected at large but must reside in one of the five districts shown on this map.

Current SWCD Board of Supervisors

District 1 (2021-2024)
Dave Lonergan, 320-589-4559

District 2 (2019-2022)
Greg Fynboh, 320-589-7155

District 3 (2019-2022)
Debbie Anderson, 320-808-8257

District 4 (2021-2024)
Dennis Feuchtenberger, 320-808-8498

District 5 (2021-2024)
Troy Goodnough, 814-322-6531

Our Mission

The mission of the Stevens Soil & Water Conservation District is to work with county landowners in putting conservation practices on the land and to help all citizens be good stewards of our natural resources.